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Engineered for riders, Pinlock earplugs reduces wind noise while riding to a safer level, using its integrated advanced precision filter. The advanced precision filter blocks wind noise harmful to the ear without causing muffled hearing, allowing the rider to pick up on important sounds such as conversations, emergency vehicle sirens, horns and sounds from approaching vehicles.

Pinlock earplugs are made from medical grade silicone-free materials, making it more comfortable for riders to have it on. The advanced precision filter is removable, making it easier to clean the earplugs. All Pinlock earplugs come with 2 sizes in the box, to offer riders with different ear sizes a better fit.

Pinlock Earplugs

Frequency VS DB

Universal Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

Pinlock earplugs graph
The Pinlock Earplugs reduces wind noise by a CE certified 24dB, making it easier for riders to focus while riding without taking away the sensation of riding a motorcycle.


The Pinlock Earplugs precision filters bring the wind noise down to a safer level while riding, without causing a muffled or blocked hearing. The advanced filter allows conversation without filtering out important traffic sounds such as sirens, horns or approaching vehicles.

Silicon free material

The Pinlock earplugs are made out of silicon free TPE grade material. Designed with air to flow through the ears which minimizes common ear irritations such as hot ear and blocked ear feeling.


The noise reduction rate of the Pinlock earplug filters is rated up to 24 decibels (ASNI and ECE certified), which results in proper protection against high wind noises.


Check out our technical video on the right to get a quick understanding of the Pinlock Earplugs and filter system.


German motorcycle magazine Motorrad magazine tested out the Pinlock earplugs and have found them to be very good. Check out their full review of the earplugs.